Thursday Night Club Superdraw at the RSL

Top 8 Club Superdraw!!

  • Starting: Thursday 2 December
  • Time: Drawn between 6 – 8 pm
  • Prize: $47,000 up for grabs!
  • Venue: The RSL
  • Rules: The first jackpot starts at $8,000 and will increase by $1,000 each week until won. The top 8 club superdraw will run for a period of 52 weeks. If the Jackpot has not been won by the final date there will be 1 draw every 4 minutes till won. If the Jackpot is won prior to the final date a new jackpot will start at $4,000 and increase by $1,000 each week till the 52 week period is complete. To be eligible to win YOU MUST BE A FINANCIAL MEMBER of the following Clubs and BE ON THE PREMISES of the club when drawn. The member drawn will have 4 minutes to claim their prize. All clubs involved in the draw will be notified by phone of the result.